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good_bway_icons's Journal

Good Broadway Icons
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This community is for good (or elite, but I don't really like that word) icons featuring Broadway productions or musicals.

*** Want to affiliate or co-mod this comm? Please apply here.


♥ If you are only interested in friending this community, please do so here.

♥ Comment/Credit properly if you snag any icons from this community. Do NOT steal. Of course, you may go unnoticed if you steal, but let's say we find out that you've done so. You WILL be removed from this community immediately.

♥ Do NOT use the "click to join" method if you wish to post here. You must first apply by going here - AFTER you've read the rules.

♥ Any icons not somehow related to a Broadway production or musical may NOT be posted here. This means that if you are pimping a multi-fandom post at this community that contains Bway related icons, you should only provide those icons in the teaser for your batch.

What are Bway related icons?
Let's say you're posting a batch that contains icons from Wicked and Rent. You MAY post icons of Kristin Chenoweth or Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal. You MAY post Rent the movie icons. You may NOT post something from Star Wars.

♥ Provide a teaser of 2-3 icons for each batch.

♥ Put appropriate material behind a cut.

What is appropriate material?
- an icon post of more than 3 graphics, any adult orientated material, something that isn't Bway related.
How do I make an LJ cut?
Follow the instructions here.

♥ When applying, make sure to add the words "razzle dazzle" in your subject line so that we know you read the rules. Apply here.

♥ If you have any questions or comments or concerns, please bring them before us.